CLOSER: the book

Soft cover | 142 pages | 295 x 210mm | 2020 | Publisher: Graham Burstow


Closer is a personal survey of previously unpublished images, from over 70 years of my photography.
Graham Burstow

I have grouped the photographs in this book around five themes: people, performance, words in the world, places and family. It’s been enjoyable seeing these themes emerge and connections develop between images.

I never look through my lens and ask: ‘what kind of picture is this?’ Except for the fact that I continue to use black and white negative film, I am certainly not a photographic purist – I have never restricted myself to one particular method or approach. When I’m photographing on the street, or at some event, I sometimes engage directly with my subjects and the resulting image shows something about that interchange: perhaps a brief exchange of looks, or a moment from a half-hour chat. At other times I’m happy to stand back and watch life unfold in front of me.

Whatever the approach my goal is always the same: to bring the viewer closer to the subject of the photograph.
Graham Burstow